Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stitch in Time

Today is the day I get to share the theme for the month of October. It was an easy choice because I love love love this technique. Want to know or did you already guess? This months theme is stitching. Its funny that stitching has become such a go to technique in paper arts. I remember my mom teaching me to cross stitch when I was really young. My first project was an image of a sun and cloud. I was so into trying to complete the project that I took it with us to the 4th of July fireworks program at the local community college. I can see myself sitting in the grass on the football field trying to keep the back looking as nice as the front. From there I had fun working on a project with my mom for a Hollywood film. In the movie, Kathy Bates sits in an igloo working on our project. Seriously true story! don't believe me check it out...

You so have to love YouTube.

Anyways, anytime I stitch on a project I feel like I am putting a little bit of my mom on a page. See I told you she inspires a lot of my creativity. Well, I really wanted to use the black leaves from the Muse challenge in a non Halloween way. Boy was that hard! I thought for weeks and then I came up with this fall layout.
I actually made this before my album cover. Look close at the cover in the last post, you will see the sparkle from the spray on the leaf I used as a mask. I am still not totally satisfied because the leaves are not actually on the page but hopefully something will come up before the end of the month and if not as soon as the light bulb comes on I will be sure to share.

Now for the rest of the month things will be centered around stitching and here is what you can look forward too.
10/5 & 10 /19 Tutorial Tuesday
10/11 & 10/18 Inspiration Monday
10/13 & 10/27 Show & Tell Wednesday
Now don't limit yourself to checking just those days. I am so excited because one of my crafting idols, I like to call her the queen of stitching, will be joining us later this month. Want to know who she is? Here is a hint her initials are KW, she is a guest designer this month for a major kit club who also makes awesome products like stamps, and she loves wood grain.

Stay tuned all will be revealed soon...


  1. What a fun theme for the month. This will be a SOTB for me, I am not a sewer and have stiched on a LO x2, I love your page Melissa, the masking and the stiching are totally awesome.

  2. Thanks for adding the You tube, if was fun seeing that piece again!

  3. The movie clip, how cool! I've never stitched on a layout yet...but I 'sew' want to :) Love your page, great colors.