Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Today's tutorial is brought to you from the very talented Kinsey Wilson. I am so excited that she is allowing me to share this with you. It was originally posted on her handstich blog. Check it out for some way awesome tutorials like the one I am sharing with you today.

four little stitches that pack a wallop

back stitch. loop stitch. zig zag stitch. border stitch.

these are my top 4, go to stitches...in no particular order, because technically, the zig zag stitch is my all time favorite. forever. as promised, i made a video tutorial [with lots of help from my bestie, abbey] of how *i* do each stitch...

disclaimer: this is our maiden voyage with the whole video tutorial thing...so take it easy on us, hahaha!

as promised...close-up money shots of each stitch. front and back.

1 backstitch

2 loop stitch

3 zig zag

4 border stitch

and here's a sketched diagram of each styles piercing pattern...

5 stitch sketch

leave me a comment if you have any questions or if you do one of these stitches differently i'd love to hear about it!

Now before I leave you for the night I know many of you are really into cards and so for your viewing pleasure Kinsey just posted a super cute card she made making her new stitching templates.

Want to see more of this card check out her blog kinseygirl and you can find her templates at
dot dot dot etcetera.

Be back later this week to share some more stitching coolness before the month is up.

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  1. Cool! I love the look of stitching. And I checked out kinseygirl, great blog. TFS