Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

This is the first Tutorial Tuesday so I thought I would share the first ever tutorial I made. It's also the only one I have ever made but not for long I suppose. Anyways, I apologize in advance for the poor pictures I took them all with a little snappy because my other one was getting fixed at the time. This originally was posted on my blog Addicted to Scrap last year. I hope you like it and I hope it gets you creating.

Now gather your supplies, you will need:
a permanent marker
a piece of acetate (I use left over pieces of transparency paper from work)
a piercing tool (a push pin will work just fine)
a mouse pad or piece of cardboard
the design you would like to stitch (this could be a print out, a piece of chipboard, a stamp...)
Needle and thread

Start with your acetate over your desired design and grab your marker.

Trace your design like in the picture below with the marker.

Once the whole thing is traced use your piercing tool to punch holes in the acetate. It doesn't have to be perfect that is part of the charm. Remember to put a mouse pad or piece of cardboard underneath first. You are done creating your template. It will look like this.

Place your layout on top of the mouse pad or piece of cardboard then place your template on top of that in the area you want your stitching. Hold down with one hand firmly while you punch holes with the other. Make sure to go in the holes you created when making your template and you may need to push the piercing tool a little harder depending on the # of layers you are going through.
Once your holes are in the layout thread your needle and go to town! Here is a layout using this template.

For my smile page I traced one of the flowers from the red pattern paper to create the template for the red flower on the bottom right corner.

Finally, here is an example of a very detailed template. I got the tree body from a 2 piece foam tree stamp.

I hope you enjoy creating your own templates! Please feel free to ask questions or ask for clarification or better examples. I would also love to see what you come up with so share your pages with us on our tumbler photo stream and include a picture of your template inspiration piece. Remember every thing you create and share using this months theme gets you entered for a chance to win a prize so get to stitching!


  1. Great idea to use the transparence! Then you can save the templates and use them again!

  2. Love that tree! The possibilities are endless :)

  3. what that is awesome thanks for sharing. Love all you examples, the tree is so creative